Collaborative Divorce


Collaborative law is a team approach to solving legal issues with all the stakeholders present at the table, at the same time, and transparency is key.  In collaborative divorce in Texas, the expected stakeholders, husband and wife and their respective attorney’s are present, in addition, is the presence of a neutral mental health professional and a neutral  financial professional, 

Collaborative divorce uses ‘interest based negotiations’ which allows the parties to move forward in the process. By taking the time to think about your goals, interests and concerns,  for the divorce and afterwards, and by understanding your spouses,  couples can move forward with solutions, without getting stuck focusing on past disputes.   

The collaborative approach helps maintain the relationship between you and your spouse, which is especially beneficial if children are involved.  Even though the marriage is ending the relationship between you and your spouse will not be over, and creating a good working relationship helps decrease the stress the children will experience in the divorce and after.  Please contact us to learn more about collaborative divorce.